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Magento presented Boda Skins with a number of technical challenges, limited customisation options and poor flexibility. 

T he Boda team was looking to move their rapidly growing business onto a more adaptable and easy-to-use ecommerce platform before continuing to branch out into fresh, new retail avenues They are now finding it much easier to carry out product updates and general tasks.

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Global Ecommerce Director, Will North, admits that the Knomo team spent last year struggling with the lack of technical flexibility available to them while they were hosting their online store with ecommerce platform Magento 1. 

The team felt restricted by the fact that they could not make simple alterations to their online store without multiple technical hurdles and a considerable amount of waiting.

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Despite investing significant time and funds into a Magento build, the Innermost team made a bold call; they decided to move their ecommerce store to a platform better able to cater for their evolving ecommerce needs.

They wanted an ecommerce solution that would allow them to help accelerate growth further. And it wasn’t long before the impact of their new Shopify Plus store became apparent.

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Switching from Magento to Shopify Plus has been a complete game changer.

Shopify Plus was just way more user-friendly and easier for our team to use. This meant it was way more valuable for our brand than Magento and switching platforms made a lot of sense for our business – especially seeing as Shopify is developing and improving all the time.  Switching to Shopify Plus has been a complete game changer for us as we can now make changes so quickly and easily without getting bogged down by all of the coding that our previous platform required.” 

Georgie Williams, Global Manager

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From the Swanky blog.

14 January 2021

Case Study: 85% Revenue Increase for Department Store After Migrating to Shopify Plus


Swanky migrated independent department store Coes to a new home on Shopify Plus, leveraging our extensive design and development expertise to create a streamlined, intuitive ecommerce experience. Find out how we brought Coes' unique brand story to life and increased revenue by 85% in the full case study.

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11 November 2020

Case Study: +67% Revenue for Kent Brushes After Migration From Magento to Shopify


We recently migrated royally-endorsed hairbrush brand Kent Brushes from Magento 1 to Shopify, designing and building a stylishly-coiffured online store. Find out about the challenges the brand was facing on its Magento site, what Swanky did to help, and what impact their new store has had on key metrics.

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13 May 2020

Blog Takeover: Swanky Australia Talk Magento to Shopify Plus Migrations


Director of Swanky Australia, Sean Clanchy, takes over the blog to explore all things replatforming; from why you should consider an ecommerce migration and what the process entails, to the incredible results so many Aussie businesses have seen since moving to Shopify Plus.

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